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Forecast Budgets, SEC Financial Disclosures, Process Improvements

Davis Consulting, CPAs is ready to assist you and your organization in developing a methodical forecast budget for your organization whether or not your organization have many operational centers or departments; or, whether or not your organization is in the early years of operation, a new business venture, or a reorganization under court protection.

You need an experienced CPA to help you go public, and the IPO process is just the beginning. Periodic financial statements and note disclosures to the SEC can be complex and time consuming. You do not have to worry, we can assist you the balance sheet and income statement note disclosures by account categories and product or service segment business lines to explain the financial data to the SEC and the public.

We are ready to serve as your financial advisor in helping you grow your business with our experience. We can assist you in acquisitions and mergers. We can assist you in examining the acquirer's company balance sheet account balances; as well as, your balance sheet account balances for valuation reasonableness and reliability.

Davis Consulting, CPAs is also ready to assist you and your company with the essentials you need in order to meet the demands of an ever changing accounting and finance department. Year-end audit preparation and month-end accounting close process improvements are essential to obtaining accurate and timely accounting and finance reporting deliverables. An effective month-end accounting close process makes an efficient year-end audit process as well as a cost saving on the added resources needed to repeat the reconciliation and review of the general ledger account activity.

Accounting System Conversions & Accounting Procedures Preparation/Implementation Process

  • Davis Consulting, CPAs is ready to assist you and your organization with the tools you need in order to successful complete an accounting system conversion within the acceptable error rate determined by the organization. You do not need to go through this tedious conversion without experience and step by step guidance. We are ready to guide you in the development of a new general ledger account code structure with expanded departments and business segment lines in your new accounting system.
  • Step by Step guidance in overall general ledger account balancing between the old system and the new system; as well as, the detail system modules including: accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, payroll, and account history modules.
  • Also, step by step guidance in auditing the data in the old system for data integrity before testing, troubleshooting, and documenting transactions in the new system for accurate data entry and output performance. In addition to, step by step assistance in the setup of new and expanded accounting reports for your organization.

Davis Consulting, CPAs is ready to make it easier for you and your organization to develop accounting processes and procedures for the different departments and functions of your organizations. Davis Consulting is ready to assist you in developing departmental and inter-departmental procedures for functions including: receivable billings and collection statements for your customers, invoices from vendors and departmental check requests from your internal staff, payroll processing for your staff and consultants, travel reimbursements for your internal staff, and the cash management functions for your controllers.

Financial Statement Audits

Davis Consulting, CPAs is ready to assist you and your organization in performing your financial statement audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, the standards for financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards, the State of Florida and with the provisions of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-133, or Auditing Standards established by the American institute of Certified Public Accountants. The objective of an audit carried out in accordance with such standards and regulations is (i) the expression of our opinion concerning whether the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the balance sheet, results of operation, and cash flows of the organization in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles; (ii) reporting on our determination that the internal control structure provides reasonable assurance of compliance with federal and state laws and regulations; and (iii) the expression of an opinion on whether the organization complied with specific terms and conditions of its covenant documents.

As part of our audit, we will consider the organization’s internal control structure and assess control risk, as required by generally accepted auditing standards, for the purpose of establishing a basis for determining the nature, timing, and extent of auditing procedures necessary for expressing our opinion concerning the financial statements, and not to provide assurance on the internal control structure.

Outsourcing of Accounting & Finance Services

To make your life easier. Outsourcing is the contracting of business functions to an outside provider, and it can add value to your bottom line. Davis Consulting offers assistance in outsourcing some of your accounting and finance functions that require the technical skills needed to step into your accounting and finance operations without you having to spend valuable time and resources to recruit and train for individuals with specialized skill-sets including: advanced microsoft word and excel, crystal report financial statement generation, financial modeling, interpretation of the financial accounting standards, and preparation of accounting processes and procedures. Not to mention the cost of health insurance, vacation, and other benefits; many times after getting your staff members past the learning curve, they leave for bigger and better opportunities. Outsourcing some or a few of your key accounting functions means you do not have to worry about any of those hassles. You’re free to refocus your time and energy on what you do best.

Entrepreneurial Development/Tax Preparation Services

Davis Consulting, CPAs offers assistance in entrepreneurial development to assist you and your organization in developing a forecast budget plan, accounting system and operational setup, review and training of accounting policies and procedures, and management administration. In this forever changing business climate, the entrepreneur do not have to feel overwhelmed with the creation of his or her business venture. With our experience we can assist you through the business process.

Tax laws are changing all the time, and financial pitfalls are everywhere. You need a trusted tax guide who knows how to help you plan, stay in compliance and can develop tax strategies to help you save. We assist businesses and organizations with tax strategies, planning and compliance, and we put taxes in a perspective that you can understand.

We offer business tax assistance that is tailored to your specific situation or industry, and that addresses the particular issues you face. We go beyond tax services to provide you help with the financial planning and wealth preservation. We look at all aspects of you or your organization’s financial health, and make sure they are working together.